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Hankin Apartments is committed to providing the ideal home for every chapter of your life. Our apartment homes are designed, built, and managed with community, quality and sustainability in mind every step of the way. Get to know all about who we are & why we love what we do.

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A good community; important for well-being, and feeling good about where you live and how you live, is essential. Our apartment homes are more than just a place to live, they are communities of neighbors and feature extraordinary amenities designed for fun and relaxation. At Hankin Apartments, you can expect the very best service and a lifestyle that can’t be beat.

We KNow


We reinvest in our properties because we care about the quality of your home. But we’re more than just developers. Hankin Apartments prides itself on innovative approaches, quality design and environmental integrity, a combination that gives us a coveted position in the local and national market. Our goal is to uphold our tradition in building exceptional communities and delivering the very best service and care to our residents.

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At Hankin Apartments we care about sustainable development and creating projects that not only last, but also have a lower impact on the environment. Many of our apartment homes are LEED certified, LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is a nationally accepted third-party rating system for sustainability. The goal of LEED is to reduce environmental impact and improve quality of life. Environmentally conscious building creates spaces that have lower energy costs and are healthier to live in. These practices benefit residents in a number of ways, including reducing utility bills and increasing air quality.

“we love what we do and hope our residents feel proud to call a Hankin Apartment their home.”

Becky Reeves

VP of Hankin Apartments

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With Hankin Apartments

At Hankin Apartments, we build community. We are dedicated to continually gaining the respect of our residents, clients, staff and the surrounding neighborhoods that we are proud to be part of.