The Perks of Plants

Bring some life into your apartment home with greenery and you will be amazed by all the advantages!

The more variety, the better!

The more variety, the better!

Calling all apartment inhabitants! It is time to dust off your green thumb! House plants are not just for decoration on all those interior design shows you’ve been binge watching. Plants have countless benefits to all aspects of your well-being. Here is a list of 5 to get you started:

  1. Say goodbye to drowsiness! Plants draw carbon dioxide from the air and replenish oxygen, which will help keep you feeling refreshed and awake. 

  2. Get a little detox! Plants have detoxifying properties that will help keep your home clear of air pollutants.

  3. Natural humidity control! You won’t need to buy a dehumidifier if you fill your home with plants. They help to regulate humidity in the air by soaking in and releasing water.

  4. Keeps you calm! Plants remind you of the outdoors and wide-open spaces. This reminder will help keep you feeling less claustrophobic and more at ease in those smaller indoor spaces.

  5. A reminder to care! A plant is a living thing that requires some attention, care and even love. Helping your plant thrive will be a hands-on lesson on the beauty in growth.

Now that you can’t wait to transform your apartment into a botanical oasis, what plants should you choose? Here is a quick list of 5 apartment friendly (and pet-friendly) plants to pick up! Do you have a favorite plant that isn’t on the list? Let us know in the comments!

  1. “Parlor Palm”

  2. “African Violet”

  3. “Christmas Cactus”

  4. “Polka Dot Plant”

  5. “Spider Plant”

Author: Mackenzie Holmes