The Next Steps To Greenify Your Apartment

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How To Greenify Your Apartment

Your apartment is your own space where you start and end your days. It is a space that you can call your own and if you decide to, you can turn it into a sustainable and environmentally friendly living space. There are many out there that do not know the impacts they can have through taking a few steps in their own home to create a healthier and more sustainable live style.


 1. Have a recycling bin

Simple enough. Try not to mix your recyclables and trash together. Use a recycling bin to put your recyclables.

2. Remove plastic plates, silverware, cups and use reusable cups, plates, and silverware

Invest in glassware, and reusable silverware and never have to worry about constantly buying temporary plastics. You can even use a water bottle for travel uses instead of having to buy water on the go.  Now you’re saving the planet and your money!


3. Use the dishwasher instead of hand washing everything

Washing dishes via a dishwasher can be so much easier than hand washing and a whole lot more efficient than hand washing as well. When you wash dishes by hand you could be using anywhere between three to five times as much water that a dishwasher uses. Be careful when deciding to put fragile items in the dishwasher, though it is more efficient & sustainable it may be safer to hand wash the more delicate dishes.

4. Change your Light bulbs

Use LED light bulbs, they will use anywhere from 20%-over 75% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than your regular light bulbs you may be using. Doing this sure you don’t need to constantly replace them.

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5. Move to Reusable Bags

Use paper or reusable bags at stores, many times this seems like a drag, but it is a very simple and easy switch that will make for another heavy impact on reducing plastics in your home.

6. Cut out sodas and high energy drinks that come in plastic bottles

Not only are you reducing the amount of plastic intake you have you are also cutting out unhealthy drinks that negatively impact your health. You have a double whammy for health and sustainability!

Following these six steps are ways you can help create a sustainable lifestyle within your own home and create a good example for how we should respect our environment. After making these decisions it won’t only have positive impacts in the household, it will urge you to find new ways of living an even more sustainable lifestyle.

Written by: Matthew Dinehart