No Gym Membership? No Problem!

Keva Flats in Exton

Keva Flats in Exton

 Apartment workouts made easy

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Whether it’s not wanting to pay for a gym membership, a hectic schedule that doesn’t give you the time, a lack of motivation to commute to the gym or weather keeping you inside; do not fret! You can get an effective workout, guaranteed to make you sweat from the comfort of your apartment with absolutely no equipment required!

Get Started!

First, warm Up! Stretch and let your body know you are about to get started. Loosen up and reach as far as you can! After you have stretched, elevate that heart rate slightly! For 2-3 minutes do some light cardio like jogging in place, jumping jacks, walking up and down the stairs or anything else that makes you breathe a little heavier!

On to The Workout…

Find a little bit of open space and check out this great apartment friendly workout below. For a full body strength workout - do 10-15 reps of each exercise in the set! Repeat the full set to completion for a goal of 3-5 times (for beginners 1-3 times).

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Once you have completed the workout, don’t forget to stretch.

Never get bored- easy and affordable equipment:

Though this workout requires no equipment, many retailers offer extremely cheap equipment that will help keep your workouts fresh and fun!

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Different Equipment to use at home:

○       Resistance bands (under $10) - Can be used for just about anything! Great for small spaces and travel.

○       Dumbbells (under $15)  - Strengthen your entire body by adding weights onto any move

○       Gliders (under $15)-Awesome for added resistance during core workouts

Even a small amount of exercise each day has been shown to improve physical, mental and emotional health. So, what's stopping you? Get active today and achieve your goals and overall well being from the comfort of your own home!

Written by: Meredith Valente