Moving Tips for Pets


When you move into a new place, you want your pet to be as comfortable as you are!
Here are some tips to help your furry friend settle into his or her new digs:


1. Inspect as Your Pet

Before moving into your new apartment, inspect the space as your pet would. Look for any stray cords, dangling blinds or potential crawl spaces to take care of before introducing the space to them.

2. Keep it Comfy

When moving into a new space, it may not be the right time to get new toys, crate or dishes for your pet. Keeping favorite & familiar items close will help the transition into making your new apartment feel like home. 

3. Stick with a Regular Routine

Arrange their bed, toys and dishes similar to your old set-up. Staying on a similar schedule will also help transition a pet into a new place. Try sticking to the same walking & feeding times your pet is used to. This helps with adapting to new surroundings easier!

4. Explore 

If you're a dog parent, get to know your new neighborhood bit by bit, rather than all at once. New senses can sometimes be overwhelming, so it helps to take your time and ease into new scents & meeting new neighbors.

5. Be Patient

The best practice for moving with your pet is to remain calm and patient with them. It might take some time adjusting to a new environment. The more calm you are, the more comfortable they will be to settle into your new home.