3 Steps to Have A Better Night's Sleep

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When we come home from work or school, we are typically exhausted from our days and look forward to a relaxing evening. However, we sometimes make mistakes regarding our late evening activities and how they impact our quality of sleep that night. Read on to learn three simple steps you can take to have a better night’s sleep.


For those of us who have been sitting behind a desk for most of the day, stretching is a great way for us to release our sores and stress before we go to bed.

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Unplug from Technology

Watching television, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, or any streaming app, right before going to bed can become a bad habit. Digital technology can prevent your brain from resting. Instead of watching one of these outlets, pick up a book, magazine, or comic and read for a bit. Read until you feel as you are ready to go to bed and then mark where you left off and continue the next night!

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Aim to Get 7 Hours of Sleep

Sleep is your time to rest up for the next day. This is a time for recharging the batteries, it is important to charge those batteries to 100%. You should get a minimum of seven hours of sleep; eight hours is best if possible. No one wants to begin their day with an uncharged phone, so treat yourself with the same level of care and try and get enough sleep!

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Next time you get home from work or school, try these tips and create a space where you can prepare for a restful evening and a good night’s sleep!

Written By: Matthew Dinehart